You are an enterprise desktop support technician for Alpine Ski House.

Alpine Ski House manages chalets in ski resorts around the world. The main office is located in Vancouver.

Chalets are located in Japan, France, and Australia. Alpine Ski House has 500 employees.


Active Directory Configuration

The network contains an Active Directory forest. The forest contains a domain named


The network contains four Active Directory sites.

All sites have high-speed Internet connections and connect to each other by using VPNs.

The site information is shown in the following table.




Server Configuration

All servers run Windows Server 2008 R2.

The relevant servers are configured as shown in the following table.



DHCP Configuration

The DHCP servers are configured as shown in the following table.




Computer Information

All corporate computers run Windows 7 Professional and are joined to the alpineskihouse.com domain.

All corporate users can access the internal network remotely by using a VPN connection.

The VPN connection requires the use of a smart card.

During the next year, Alpine Ski House plans to replace the existing VPN with DirectAccess.


The company is running a pilot project to test DirectAccess for users in France.

Each chalet contains five public computers that run Windows 7 Ultimate.

Guests use the public computers to access the Internet.

The public computers are members of a workgroup.

Every week, a standard image of Windows 7 Ultimate is reapplied to the computers.


The help desk reports that remote desktop connections are not enabled on the public computers in the chalets. Consequently, the help desk must instruct local staff to enable remote desktop connections on each public computer. You need to ensure that remote desktop connections are enabled when public computers are deployed in the chalets. What should you do?


  1. Enable Remote Desktop Connection in the standard computer image.

  2. Instruct the help desk to enable Windows Remote Management (WinRM) on the public computers.

  3. Request that a network administrator create a logon script for the domain.

  4. Request that a network administrator create a new Group Policy to enable remote desktop connections. Link the new Group Policy to each site.


Correct Answer: A




Remote users report that after they renew their smart card certificates, they are unable to log on to their computers by using their smart cards. You need to ensure that users can log on by using their smart cards. What should you instruct the users to do?


  1. Change their smart card PINs.

  2. Request a new smart card certificate.

  3. Log on by using their user names and passwords, and then lock and unlock their computers.

  4. Establish a VPN connection from the logon screen and use their smart cards for authentication.


Correct Answer: D




The VPN connection between Site 1 and Site 3 fails. Users in Site 3 report that their computers take a long time to start and that they are unable to access the Internet. You need to ensure that users in Site 3 are able to access the Internet if the VPN connection between Site 1 and Site 3 fails. What should you request an administrator to do?


  1. Add the DHCP server role to DC3.

  2. Add the DNS server role to Server3.

  3. Modify the 003 Router option in the DHCP scope on Server3.

  4. Modify the 006 DNS Servers option in the DHCP scope on Server3.


Correct Answer: D




Users report that it takes a long time to access resources by using DirectAccess. You need to provide the network administrator with a network capture of DirectAccess traffic. Which tool should you use?


  1. Netsh.exe

  2. Netstat.exe

  3. Perfmon.exe

  4. Winsat.exe


Correct Answer: A


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